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MYagonism at the #WebSummit Dublin 2014


What an amazing experience.

November 03rd-06th 2014 we stayed in Dublin to attend at “the best innovation event of the world”: The Web Summit.

As of today we can say that it is all true, it really is an amazing event.

Numbers and metrics of this and past conferences talk about how great Paddy Cosgrave (Websummit creator) has dreamed so far and what a huge effort is needed to organize such a useful experience.

The whole innovation environment of the earth falls down in the venue and set up a real smart business festival. Yes, if I had to try to summarize the Web Summit I would probably say “the greatest smart business FESTIVAL in the world”. It’s NOT only a fair, it’s NOT just a matching event, it’s NOT only a geek/nerd summit, it’s NOT just a business meeting. It IS all of this things together but the feeling is the same of a FESTIVAL, you feel real passion in every glance, you feel real suspense for every new announcement, you feel true love for the ideas from entrepreneurs, you feel knowledge and “pragmatic empathy” from Investors.

You can see happiness and proudness in the eye of every dude just because everybody feels like a part of this amazing show, just like in a FESTIVAL ;-). 

We experienced many important meetings, not only chat of few words, with persons that seemed inaccessible only few days ago. We had the chance to shake the hand with some of the most important and visionary man in the planet as of today. But we also, and most importantly, had a super boost our network of contacts with startups like us, game-changers of the future, small investors, mega-smart volunteers.

We saw many weird things and extra weird hacking approach to investors and rules of the WebSummit (you can’t assume everybody follow the rules in this sort of melting pot of mad minds ;-P)

Definitely we had a cool experience both in terms of fundraising and networking experience.
We totally agree with people who suggest to attend this event.

Remember to be well-prepared and pre-organized because if you will not be, you risk to walk around the bush without any consistency for your goal.

See you next year!


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